Are these questions you have during your day-to-day?

  • How do I design an equitable survey?

  • How do I know if my data is biased?

  • How do I collect representative data?

  • How do I know if our methods & survey tools are accesible?

  • How do I write an exclusive survey?

Then let us help.

Seam Social Labs is a B-corp on a mission to empower communities.

And we do that by empowering our government clients with the tools & knowledge they need to be successful.  From the success of our flagship product, co:census, we learned our clients deep pain points around inclusive community engagement, representative data, and ethical data analysis.  We are now leveraging our team's expertise in qualitative research design to launch co:lab.

co:lab is Seam Social Labs' educational solution to provide resources for you & your team. We want to provide even more support for governments across our nation aiming to make their research and community engagement processes more intentional & equitable.  

Learn Equitable Approaches

Our courses aim to help you refine your approach to research, stakeholder engagement, & leveraging data.

Learn best practices from trusted industry experts that you can add to your agency's playbook.

Meet the Team

Your Equity Experts

Survey Design Support

James O'Brien

With several years in the public sector as an educator, James helps co:census clients design & write their surveys for public engagement. When writing surveys, every word counts and that's why James approaches this work through the lens of intentionality -- the more intentional folx are in the design process, the more equitable the end product will be!

Research Scientist

Autumn Beaudoin

With a background in the government sector, Autumn understands the struggles & constraints that our government partners, friends, & clients feel. That's why they focus on equitable research design, creation, & implementation -- providing teams the methods necessary to shift their mindset from reactive to proactive.

UX Design

Michael Lau

Through his work as a UX Designer, Michael has become fluent in digital accessibility federal mandates & best practices. Michael believes that when you plan for people with different abilities, you'll inherently build more inclusive systems.


Hear from clients how we've added value to them -- and now we're offering you a portion of that value, for free.

Alia Al-Sharif

Partner @ Civic Edge Consulting

The co:census team is your collaborator partner in thinking about what does equity in engagement look like. When you work with their team, you are working people who genuinely care about the communities you serve. They may be miles away, but they are right there in the thick of the work with you, pushing you to think differently. Grateful to know and work with the brilliant minds at co:census who are disrupting how we do engagement work!

Dr. Pierre Vigilance

Founder & Principal @ HealthUp

We provide strategic population health advisory services to clients working to improve community health outcomes. [co:census] was the only company that came to mind when we wanted to bring community voices to a conversation about accessing health resources. Their easy to use text-based platform, innovative use of AI, strong analytics capabilities, and nimble problem-solving skills made them the perfect partner from help creating the survey to brainstorming on distribution and trouble shooting reporting challenges. The whole team is thoughtful, easy to work with, and genuinely concerned about the success of your project. I look forward to working with them again.

Paige Miller

Senior Communications Manager @ SFCTA

I appreciate the full service co:census offers — their team became a partner with us from start to finish. The fact that they helped refine our texting survey questions, provided translations, and helped us analyze the results was phenomenally helpful.

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